ImageIn the Branding Craze of Social Media…Do You Display Your Authentic Signature…or Forgery?

Finding your niche’ online can be a bit of a challenge but well worth the effort to establish your own identity.  The uniqueness of you will reveal the value of your service or product.  People buy from you because they like you, trust you or were referred to you by someone they “like or trust”. Product is on every corner of the Internet…but there is only one YOU in the entire world!

How You Present Yourself Online is Your Ultimate Sells Pitch or Downfall!

Ouch…did that hurt?  Watch your mouth when your fingers do the talking through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any one of the multiple social media sites in the cloud. What you say is what they get! 

Another Angle of Authentic Creativity

…is reinventing photos through sites like – The photo attached to this blog was taken from a professional photo taken by Caroline Norwood and inserted into a template photo by yours truly!  This will allow you to display your personality in ways that set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Ensure you have copyright permission to use the photo prior to practicing art!

Your Fingerprint is on Everything You Post, Say, or Portray in Writing or Imagery 

Know your own thoughts and share them with the world…just make sure what you are sharing is not something you should have left in the closet.  Dirty laundry should stay in the laundry room not be aired out to dry on your personal profile.  Have a close friend you want to share something personal?  Inbox them directly.  A tip for the wiser!

In My Youth I Practiced my Signature to Authenticate my Personality on Paper

English: Example of a typical signature card u...

I finally mastered the art!  Now I must daily apply that art to what I share with the World.  I learn from others…then I wrap my brain around my thoughts on the matter to make them match my signature brand…adding my personal twist.

Authenticate yourself and do your twist! We’re watching!

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