Duck eggs

Duck eggs (Photo credit: dno1967b)

Would you follow an egg?

…is a question posed from the mere fact that people let an egg represent their identity on Twitter!  Why?

Would you walk into an executive office to interview for your most sought after position in a jog suit and tennis shoes?  I would hope not!  

Putting your best foot forward is important in person and online.  A shadow of a head on Google, a coffee cup on BOCI, the letter “F” on Facebook, a blank face on LinkedIn? Is that the face of social media you want to represent your identity? Do you want to be defined by a mascot from another company!  Come on people…get with the program!

“The first thing I think when I see a name without a face is…Lazy…Unconcerned…Unprofessional…Uninformed…Non-Social, etc… – Your online presence is one of the most important referral systems you have…bar none! Regardless of the accolades you receive from your network of professionals…social media will follow you where-ever you go to define you and your business…and it is not going away!“, says Sherri Henley, Founder and CEO of Business Over Coffee International.

Easy tips to follow to get “us” to follow “you”:

professional headshot

professional headshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Post A Professional Photo
  • Complete Your Profile – From Start To Finish
  • Add Appropriate Banners When Called For
  • Update Your Photo At Least Every 2 Years – Annual is Preferred
  • Do Not Follow An Egg!  You Are Known by The Crowd You Hang With!

Would you follow an egg?… is a glimpse of how social media expert, speaker and trainer; Sherri Henley views profiles in terms of professionalism.  To update your professional presence online contact BOCI for more information or call 901-820-4469 – For booking information visit or email

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