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Understanding the pitfall of “What if” is important to your success.  Living in the moment is paramount to personal happiness and professional enhancement.  The moment you pose the question, “What if…”, you expose yourself to fear of the future.  By standing your ground adjacent to here and now, you force yourself to find solutions to present day situations which pole vault you upward versus the downward spiral of  harboring insecurity of what tomorrow may bring.  While “What is” may be hard to view, I urge you to keep your eyes wide opened and face each moment with vigor, strength and acceptance of your truth.  Inner strength is the biggest promoter of “What is” and will stretch your imagination beyond the notion of “What if”; giving you courage to step up and take the challenge head on!  Face it!  The phrase, “It is what it is” is power packed!  Work with what you have by embracing “What is” and discarding the pitfall of “What if”!

10 Tips to Accept “What is”:

  1. Be honest with yourself and others about your situation
  2. Accept the truth of where you are in this moment
  3. Examine both sides of the coin
  4. Be proactive versus reactive
  5. Acknowledge who you are and be accepting of others
  6. Express your opinion only when asked
  7. Seek advice from solution makers
  8. Collect the facts and step forward with confidence of a positive outcome for all involved
  9. Embrace change as a challenge
  10. When you have done all you can; STAND

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