Sherri HenleySherri Henley is an expert in speaking.  From corporate to small business, pulpit to social platform, Sherri knows how to engage a crowd through interaction, motivation, inspiration, leadership, and philosophy.  A perfect mix of corporate and non-profit background combines with an introspective poet, singer, and songwriter-turned-powerful entrepreneur to create a woman who brings valuable deliverables to the table, conference room, or auditorium every time!

Keynote and Breakout Topics

  1. Come Into Your OWN: A 31 Day Experience
  2. L.I.K.E: Leaders in Keeping Excellence
  3. Harnessing The Power of Your Audience
  4. Digital Citizen 101
  5. Together Strong Revolution: A Sudden Radical Complete Change
  6. The Power of Collaboration in Business

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Harness the Power of Your Audience