Sherri Henley Intelligence specializes in Social Media Intelligence by conducting private, group, and corporate training as to the “how” and “why” of social media. Sherri Henley Intelligence breaks down the topic into bite-sized pieces and offers Do It Yourself training (DIY). From beginner to advanced training, overviews to in-depth insights, Sherri Henley Intelligence benefits every level of knowledge. Sherri’s self-taught intellect-turned-sought-after professional knowledge on global online interaction catapults you into today’s world of local and international reach.Check out sample Sherri Henley Intelligence training workshop videos below!


All Sherri Henley Intelligence training can be offered both in person and online. To inquire about training, fill out the form to the right. The offered workshops include:

  • – Facebook for your Business
  • – How I Got in the Top 1% of Profile Views on LinkedIn
  • – Hangout with Us and Google+
  • – Pinterest is Contagious and Why
  • – Twitter is more than a “Tweet”
  • – BOCI Platform for Your Business


Training offered online and in-person

Private, group, and corporate social media intelligence training

Business brainstorming sessions offered, online and in-person

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