“Show up to go up” is an original phrase I have taught and practiced for many years.  


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How many times have I walked away from a meeting thinking…”I am so glad I came as I would not have crossed the path of John had I not shown up”? Several times…to say the least!

There are many steps to success and “showing up” is the most significant

…in obtaining more connections, collaboration, exposure and business!  I realize you have a life outside of opportunities and work, including family, friends, and “me time”…so I suggest you keep a calendar with at least 2 “must attend” events each month…this is the minimum requirement for earning the gold star for “showing up”!

“Show up to go up” simply means to make your appointments or renegotiate a time to reschedule

…as taught by my friend and Author, Shelley Baur of Integrity-Based Communications (trademarked).  By showing up in person, online, or face to face virtually…you make your presence known.  By continuing to show up you will build authentic relationships, create collaborative efforts, explore opportunities to give and receive, show the world and your community that you are “here to stay!”

Once you show up…how do you “step it up” from there?  

5 Tips to “Step It Up”

  1. Ask for the “other” person’s business card before handing them yours
  2. Listen and learn the essence of their business prior to presenting your defining statement
  3. Keep your distance by allowing them their personal space
  4. Maintain eye contact rather than scanning the room for your next prospect
  5. Save yourself for last…then speak directly to how you and your business can add value to them and their business
    English: Business card case enclosure

    English: Business card case enclosure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Show Up to Go Up” is a daily routine for BOCI Founder and CEO, Sherri Henley; Social Media Trainer and Speaker. Sherri finds herself covered up with a massive amount of places to go and things to do more times than not.  Between running a thriving business, speaking engagements, radio and television shows and professional interviews, community leadership, mixed with Mother and Wife roles (which come first)…Sherri has learned to pick “where to go” in terms of business.  ” ‘Show Up to Go Up’ is my personalized formula for success”, says Sherri.

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  1. ShelleyReply

    Sherri, you certainly do “walk the talk.” Thanks for sharing this excellent article with some intriguing resources. And thanks, too, for introducing me to my new favorite book, “Go-Giver,” co-authored by your BOCI Radio guest, Bob Burg. Thanks to you, I’m sharing it with everyone!

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