Having been given a rainbow after the storm I understand the concept of how to paint with the colors I am given.  I am very seldom left with only black and white to choose from…rather a variety of colors that change with the seasons of life.

Understanding how to “role with the tide” so to speak is of utmost importance when you are operating a business, profession, family or pondering personal matters.  What you do with your assigned colors; circumstances, differences, opportunities, commitments is what will become your life canvas passed down for generations to view as vintage.

Life is a subject matter that you are in charge of interpreting one day at a time according to the colors you are allotted. Learning to mix colors to make another is an art we each should cultivate as to enhance the world around us.  We do not always get what we want but we can make something beautiful of what we are given.  It is all in how you look at it!  What I see as old and valuable, you may see as trash.  My junk may be your treasure.  That is the beauty of our vibrant surroundings full of people with varying opinions, personalities and origins.  You may think your surroundings dictate the outcome of your colors, when in reality your frame of mind will determine the end result.  Framing your colors with gold versus red could give you a totally different perspective from your stance and location.

What colors have you been given?  Learn to mix, re-frame and paint with the colors you are given rather than wishing you had access to another rainbow.

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