Don’t Get Caught in a Rut

Motivating Yourself to Get Up and Go

…is difficult when you have not yet seen the expected results of the investment of your time or money.  

  • Are your expectations reachable but not yet obtained?  
  • Do you find yourself feeling disheartened when your telephone can stay on the hook (who knows what that is anymore?) because no one is ringing?

If so…you are in the right place at the right time… reading my blogged thoughts.

Let’s Do the Two-Step:

  1. Dare to Dream the “I’M”possible! 
  2. Be a Realist and Enjoy Your Journey ONE STEP AT A TIME!

An overnight success is a misnomer as those who have “arrived” have been traveling their road to fame far longer than you could imagine.  The school of hard knocks is the best educational process for climbing the ladder to success.  Looking down from the mountaintop and seeing the pitfalls you’ve dodged or fallen into and survived is enough to keep you grounded even when on top of your game, profession, or craft.   

Don’t Get Caught in a Rut!

If your get up and go has got up and went…re-evaluate lessons you’ve learned from life experience and motivate yourself to get up and go again…and again!


(A Poem to Ponder)

An unexpected tragedy 

Took my breath away

A dose of reality

Seemed it came to stay

Looking back from where I’ve been

It’s easy to believe

But when I came across this path

My mind could not conceive

I never knew just how good it would be

To have you here right beside me

On this journey

This is the road I traveled 

Here are the tears I’ve cried

You never left me lonely

You haven’t passed me by

So now I stand amazed

At all the strength I’ve gained

On this journey

Copyright 2011; All Rights Reserved

Author:  Sherri Henley



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