Come Into Your Own: A 31-Day Experience

By definition, Come Into Your OWN is to become fully effective, used, or recognized. How to come into your OWN is a discovery process with many moving parts. Allowing those parts to move in sync and strategically carry out the evolutionary process of embracing oneself, for better or for worse is a journey. This 31 day experience will provide personal and professional insight to assist you in OWNing your journey.

Book_Cover_-_Final_-_2nd_VersionDigital Citizen 101

Digital Citizen 101 is a basic synopsis of various resources of intelligence, communication and applications used to enhance your global development of skills on the internet or mobile device. In this keynote/book you will be introduced to three areas of expertise that are imperative to your success in harnessing the power of your audience:


Words and definitions are composed and compiled by Sherri Henley.

To intellectually communicate about a subject matter that requires insider knowledge obtained from back office intelligence.

COMMUNi.CATE (digital definition)
To build, embrace or enhance a community of people in a global society who are able to interpret cross-cultural lines of expression by way of digital intelligence. i.e., using a #hashtag to target a specific topic within a particular country, city, state or region.

To apply practical and digital applications to varying levels of intelligence discovered within an array of integrated web-based platforms.


L.I.K.E.: Leaders In Keeping Excellence

The Business of “LIKE” is as simple as the acronym: Leaders in Keeping Excellence (L.I.K.E). First, I will define the word, like as we are familiar in terms of social media intelligence since the onset of Facebook’s like button. The rise of people liking a status update, photo, video or blog now holds rank defined as clout, influence or identity online and off. What was once college dorm-room jargon has become synonymous with prestigious thought leaders of the world and success of the nation. Valley girls or “valleyspeak” first made the word, like famous to modern day by portraying the image of an airhead hanging out at the water fountain with empty chatter among materialistic friends. Then we heard the name, Mark Zuckerberg; now known as the 16th richest person on earth (according to The Daily Reporter) who changed the world we knew into real-time communication on a global scale. What was once a hard sell became a soft collaboration…giving professionals a world-wide platform to embrace like-minded professionals from different playing fields, yet having the same end-game in mind. Though elementary…one of the first subjects I choose to discuss with students of all ages is the importance of the like button to the portrayal of ones values, morals, character and integrity. Prior to liking…consider who is watching and who you represent. The business of L.I.K.E.: Leaders in Keeping Excellence, is, simply put…a 3 step process:

Lead: Be a positive influence on society and in your own backyard.
Keep: Keep your word and integrity will speak for itself.
Excel: One must excel to obtain excellence.

Book_Cover_from_PinterestThe Power of Collaboration in Business

We all agree there is strength in unity. But for collaboration between select parties to become powerful in business, each player must uphold a similar value system or, given time, the collaboration is destined for failure. Partnering in name only is defeating the intended purpose of joining hands to develop a larger powerhouse made of two or more entities linked as one. Linking online is only one aspect of a joint effort. Behind the scenes meetings, emails, body language, confidentiality, attitude and other behaviors that build strong relationships are where true commitment to integrity in business is met or denied.

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