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Looking out for something (Photo credit: igorms)

How does the founder find himself?  This is the question many entrepreneurial spirits are confronted with when launching a new business from pure creativity and innovation.  Being a gifted person who displays many talents can be a blessing and a curse.

How can this be?  When you are aiming in random directions with no road map, you are destined to the middle of nowhere fast!  The flip side of the coin is; having the ability to dig deep and offer your ideas as a viable business that benefit others…this is phenomenal!  Some have availability with no ability…a true entrepreneur displays both.

The key to success of an entrepreneur is finding their niche’ in a specific area while surrounding himself with a team of professionals who strengthen his weaknesses and collaborate his strengths. Simply put…you can chase your dreams the rest of your life but you may not catch them alone.  Creating or joining a team of professionals who will give you tools for more connections, collaboration and exposure is paramount to your business success.

It takes at least 2 years to get a grip on where you shine in business.  Starting at the bottom and working your way to the top is not easy…it takes gut wrenching, sleep deprived work to climb the ladder of respect and trust with those who have already put in their time.  Those people are the greatest gift you are given as they understand that success is earned… not overnight gratification.

Rub shoulders with trailblazers, ask them to mentor you, watch and learn, listen, apply. You should never get to the point in your journey that you believe you have a patent on information with no need to learn more about your service or product.  This will doom your business over time as the world progresses with each generation.

How Does the Founder Find Himself?boci esquire

  1. Make a list of 4 words that describe what you do best
  2. Create a tagline that highlights your mission
  3. Know your identity and remain stable even if you change directions
  4. Seek advice from several trusted advisors, contemplate all aspects of sought after opinions and apply to your final decision
  5. Learn from past mistakes and turn them into significant learning experiences

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