Small Town MentalityGlobal mentality in a small town is adopted by understanding the far-reaching effect of the internet encompassing social media platforms; providing vast diversity tools to enhance our influence and development in:

  • Personal Relationships
  • Business Growth
  • Professional Clout
  • Non-profit Fundraisers
  • Church Broadcasts
  • Community involvement
  • Educational Development

Connecting internationally may not be your vision…but should it be? 

Find out if you are a “Small Town Thinker (STT)” or “Global Interacter (GI)” by posing questions:

  • What is the Scope of Your Social Media Presence?

STT:  1 or no social media profiles set to maximum privacy with little conversation.

GI:  3 to 5 social media profiles opened to interaction and conversation…with little fear of “bad press”; rather, developing “good press” by understanding that criticism is an opportunity to either correct a wrong or expose “the true colors” of the person posting the message (of their own admission). Counteract negative with positive…”always!” Positivity could be portrayed simply by not saying anything since the person who posted has already hung himself…or replying with something like this:

Sheryl, I apologize that you had a less than positive experience in our store…I would like to offer you a $10.00 gift card to our e-store on me! I will be happy to inbox you with the information you need to obtain the card for shopping.  See you there.”

  • Do You Provide International Access to Potential Clients or Members?

STT:  1 basic website with no social media icons or share buttons.

GI:  1 website with e-commerce and/or podcast, social interaction, and an active, well-written blog.

  • Are You Targeting Local and International Individuals with Your Message?

STT:  “I have had a brick and mortar since I started my business…it works for me and I am not going to change.  All this social media stuff is scary and I am staying away from it.”

GI:  “I have a brick and mortar and enjoy interacting with my clients face to face…it works for me.  I have also embraced social media and e-commerce because I realize the world has changed and is continuing to evolve into a digital society.  We are active online and have gone mobile with our marketing strategy.”

I am frequently approached with questions about aspects of the ever-growing social media communities and how it affects our world as we know it…or to some…as they knew it.  One of the most commonly asked questions is, “How do I build a social community effectively?” This is a loaded questions because there are many elements to laying a successful foundation for a future power house.  Take these three steps and you will be on your way to revamping or reinforcing a global mentality:


  • Think of social media as building your new home and online connections as your neighbors.
  • Stability is paramount in gaining momentum. Here one day…gone tomorrow will appear flighty and you will not be taken seriously.
  • Keep your home in good condition through scheduled maintenance and a frequent cosmetic facelift. Social media gives “Keeping up with the Jones” a new meaning…it is a necessity for continued success!


  • Treat potential connections (neighbors) as friends you have not met.
  • Trust people until they give you a reason not to…then take action: remove, report or block.


  • Overseeing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Return on Investment (ROI) is as important as an appraisal on your home.
  • Management of your online rental properties or real estate is relatively simple when using the right tools.  Would you hire a plumber to fix your AC? Probably not.  More than likely you would contact a specialist with expertise in plumbing.  The same applies to social media management tools and operators.

Manage daily (No more than 30 minutes per day).

Stay focused on what your intentions are for entering that platform at that time.

Post, Comment, Share and Like – Follow these 4 simple steps each time you enter your platform(s).

Integrate various social media platforms to cut down on posting time with the “One Click Action (OCA).”

Sherri Henley, Founder and CEO of Business Over Coffee International (BOCI) is a media expert and collaborative leader.  For private social media training, business brainstorming and/or booking please contact BOCI @ 901.820.4469 –


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    Great article, Sherri. Loved the videos (have to go back to watch the 1-hour Google presentation on website overviews). Very, very cool! Shelley

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