Shelley Baur speaks to BOCI about Communication

Shelley Baur speaks to BOCI about Communication

Does your social media professionalism (or lack of) speak to decision makers?  The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Positive or negative…your online postings will carry a message to anyone who is watching or participating.  Is your message upstanding or are you chronologically listing your unseemly thoughts and actions on a worldwide billboard?

If you converted your Facebook profile presence from personal to professional before the initial rollout of Timeline…you may have been shocked to realize that ALL your posts were visual since the beginning of your Facebook journey – backtrack and you will see what I am talking about!  Other platforms are working to unveil your past as well…so manage your mouse and pay attention unless you want your reality show to replay unedited.

Your words will make you or break you.  Posted images will define who you are.  Thoughts and intentions that reveal your mindset will speak to your potential boss or client in a way that only YOU decide.  Sure…speak your mind.  Just make sure the thoughts that live there are conducive to professional behavior when spoken.

How do you ensure professional postings?  Ask yourself these questions before posting:

1.       Will this post be uplifting, encouraging or educational?

2.       Does this post convey the message I want to share?

3.       Would I want my Mother to read this?

4.       If my Boss or Clients were my “Friend” online…would I post this status?

5.       Does this portray the autobiography I wish to write and leave as a legacy?

6.       Would this post attract a valuable client?

7.       Would I want my words to appear in national headlines tied to my photo?

Photography by Charlisha Renata

Photography by Charlisha Renata

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