Good health (1906)

Good health (1906) (Photo credit: CircaSassy)

Checking the pulse of people through social media is a given for professionals…or is it?  As I network with small business owners I continue to run into lack of knowledge about unlimited social media resources available to enhance team building, customer loyalty, and community feedback.

Considering that easy tools are 1 click away; working 24/7 online while we sleep, …it has never ceased to amaze me when someone finds this mind-boggling overactive machine called social media a waste of time. Isn’t it a no-brainer to use the internet brainwaves to our benefit? Social Media is like having a volunteer staff member feeding information to the world around the clock!

10 Reasons to Use Social Media for Your Business

  1. Establish an Opened Door Policy for Building Client Relationships
  2. Actively Distribute Direct Messages to Target Audience
  3. Connect with Your Neighbor’s Circle of Friends to Enlarge Your Professional Territory and Theirs
  4. Encourage Feedback from Faithful Clients and Newcomers
  5. Level the Playing Field with Would-be Competition by Collaboration of Ideas, Events and Education
  6. Create Unique Opportunities for Client Based Opinions Voiced via Photos, Videos, Polls, and Surveys
  7. Listen to Constructive Criticism and Counteract Destructive Comments
  8. Give and Gain Respect by Promoting Peer to Peer Postings that Align with Your Value System
  9. Increase Personal and Professional Awareness of Popular and Trending Topics
  10. Build a Professional Platform by Embracing the Voice of Others and Letting Your Voice be Heard by way of the SHARE Button

Checking the pulse of people through social media is an important aspect of your business, profession, or organization. However, saying and doing are two different things.  Need guidance? Receive a one on one consultation or individual/corporate training on social media by contacting Business Over Coffee International (BOCI) who works with professionals who want to optimize their business through social media.

checks for pulse

checks for pulse (Photo credit: ankatank)

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