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Build your platform for more than one is paramount to your success as a professional collaborator.  Growing out instead of up is how you make room for someone other than yourself.  

Collaboration is an unselfish act performed to enhance oneself while promoting another from the same pulpit using different microphones.  Take a choir for instance…when one sings…it is called a “solo” – two, a “duet – three, a “trio” – four, a “quartet” – few, a “choral” – several, a “choir.”  A choir is unified with harmony or in unison, “one voice”…yet there are many parts and people who make up a whole from ONE platform.  If singers did not collaborate in song…we would never know the beautiful sound of chorus.  If musicians did not collaborate in rhythm…we would never know the sound of music to our ears or feel like dancing!

Lyrics from the song, “We Are The World” performed by collaborative artists to bring everyone together for a common cause says in part, “We are the one who makes a better day so let’s start giving.”  Bob Burg, Co-Author of “The Go Giver” expounds upon “The Law of Giving and Receiving.”   The description of this book reveals thoughts behind giving for the fictional character, Joe; “Joe learns that changing his focus from getting to giving—putting others’ interests first and continually adding value to their lives—ultimately leads to unexpected returns.”

So the root of collaboration is giving?  Yes!  However, to give…we must trust…in order to trust…we must know…in order to know…we must connect…in order to connect…we must meet…in order to meet…we must SHOW UP!  So this leads us to the personalized  “Show Up to Go Up” slogan I toss around constantly.

Collaboration begins with a connection! In order to become an influencer…you must rub shoulders with mentors who have been there and done that…those who have paved the way before you.  It is up to YOU to find and follow people who lead by example; as they are not going to babysit you.  Do you know why?  Because they are too busy following their chosen leaders who enhanced their understanding as an up and coming.

A successful person has a good understanding of what it means to follow as well as lead.  A leader is first a follower of another who knows more than he.  Never get so big for your britches that you believe you have learned it all…because you will be pegged as a know it all…rightfully so!  Those who lean in to trailblazers climb the path to greatness while making way for those who walk a few steps behind them.

Picture yourself with two outstretched hands…one reaching up to people of influence…the other reaching down to people of promise.  You are being promoted to another level while pulling your protegé up a notch…I call it “The Stair Step Mentality.” Climbing the latter of success while preparing another to take the next step…never stopping…always striving to reach higher heights and deeper depths in your evolution of life.  You may say…‘I thought this book was about collaboration in business.’

“When life becomes your business, your business will be your life”.  Let me explain.  I used to dread Monday…hoping God would add a few hours to the weekend so I could enjoy “life.”  It wasn’t until I began to live life to its fullest by pursuing my passion…what I was created to do…and embracing my God-given purpose of developing others that I truly realized; “Life is work…and work is life”.  If we are doing what we are put on Earth to accomplish…we become more focused on enhancing ourselves and others…which leads to the unselfish nature of collaboration in the business of life!

Enact the wealth of knowledge you have gained by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What have I learned that I did not know?
  2. How will I apply to my daily life?
  3. Who are my mentors?
  4. Who is my protegé?
  5. Who have I connected with recently?
  6. What were our common goals?
  7. How can we collaborate to make those goals a reality?
  8. When will we start our collaboration?

Once you have answered these questions truthfully…”Take Action.” Be a doer…not just a dreamer.  Catch the concept of collaboration;  Join hands, link arms, start building your platform for more than one and continue bringing everyone together…growing out instead of up!

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