THE Flats

THE Flats (Photo credit: Nubby Tongue)

Our family recently moved to a rural area with corn fields, ponds, lakes, dirt roads and snakes!  Coming from the city, our children often let out a shriek followed by, “SNAKE”.  Escaping from danger, such scenes have turned to teachable moments for our children; ask yourself…”Is There a Snake in the Grass?”8 Signs of Snakes Posing as Professionals:

  1. A Weak Link Leaking Proprietary Information
  2. Lack of Integrity
  3. Community Leaders Shun Your Presence Based on Company You Keep
  4. 3 or More Complaints Hit Your Desk Regarding 1 Person within a Short Period of Time
  5. Saying One Thing…Doing Another
  6. Experience an About Face in Reliability
  7. Unreturned Telephone Calls and/or Emails
  8. The People they Associate Themselves with Begin to Disassociate Themselves with You

When you discover a snake in the grass remember to stand still, assess the situation quickly and remove yourself from danger of snakes posing as professionals.  Watch your step!

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