pea soup

pea soup (Photo credit: saragoldsmith)

31 days to becoming a pro begins with adding 1 specific aspect to your daily routine to prepare for sought after results.

Have you ever tasted a scrumptious meal and later attempted to duplicate the specialty only to discover there is “something” missing, and a very important “something” I might add…but you are unsure of what to eliminate or add to obtain the original, delectable outcome?

I know I have!  Cooking did not come natural to me as I tried to reinvent the wheel with each meal only to realize that “good cooks” begin by written materials and learning rules of the kitchen “first”.   Only when they have mastered the education of “slaving over the hot stove” do they earn the right to use their imagination when preparing for a family meal.  Thus my realization that to get the expected result I must “follow directions” and spend ample time in “preparation”.

I have applied the simplicity of life experience “in the kitchen” to my pursuit of personal and professional well-being by creating an original recipe to be prepared over 31 consecutive days.  Add 1 ingredient in each morning for best results: 

“P” Soup Recipe


Perspiration (Photo credit: Geoff LMV)

  1. Purpose:  Discover the reason for your being
  2. Print:  Write it down and make it plain
  3. Prepare:  Get your ducks in a row
  4. Pray:  Someone once said, “When you’ve done all you can to stand, kneel.”
  5. Participate:  Interact with others to find yourself
  6. Propose:  Think ahead and collect your thoughts – then present
  7. Pretend:  Embrace the imagination of your inner child
  8. Practice:  Build upon knowledge you’ve gained to get more
  9. Practical:  If the shoe fits, wear it
  10. Prosperous:  Be healthy in body and wealthy in spirit…the rest will follow
  11. Polite:  Live by the golden rule
  12. Potential:  Ones full potential is realized when the reality of death leaves the celebration of their life
  13. Possible:  Risk versus rate of return – Explore!
  14. Probable:  Be a realist with optimism
  15. Problem:  Refer to problems as situations…this will reduce stress
  16. Party:  Celebrate today as if it were your last
  17. Produce:  Leave a legacy
  18. Provide:  The 5 sources of provision are emotional, spiritual, financial, physical, sexual – Maintain a balance
  19. Pronounce:  What you say is what you get!
  20. Positive:  Is your glass half full or half empty?
  21. Power:  Words are powerful – Try power talking…compliment someone when you “think” they look nice…say it!
  22. Pathway:  Be a trailblazer
  23. Plan:  Work your plan and plan your work
  24. Point:  Aim your sights on your desired destination by taking steps in that direction
  25. Prioritize:  Keep first things first
  26. Profession:  Honor your calling by putting your best foot forward
  27. Perspire:  A little sweat never hurt anyone…just don’t let it show!
  28. Promote:  Boost someone else with words or actions
  29. Permission:  Believe in yourself enough to be “you”
  30. Plenty:  Be grateful and share your blessings
  31. Pragmatic:  Implement your plan with confidence

31 days to becoming a pro unveils a 31 step “how to” to implement, starting today.  Sherri Henley works with professionals who want to optimize their business through social media, educational exchange and networking events.



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