Sherri Henley is an expert in speaking. From corporate to small business, pulpit to social platform, Sherri knows how to engage a crowd through interaction, motivation, inspiration, leadership, and philosophy. A perfect mix of corporate and non-profit background combines with an introspective poet, singer, and songwriter-turned-powerful entrepreneur to create a woman who brings valuable deliverables to the table, conference room, or auditorium every time!


Recently named as one of author, Germaine Moody's 50 Favorite People, Mr. Moody says, "Sherri is a collaborative leader by example." Her latest book, The Power of Collaboration in Business, featuring eight contributing authors in addition to herself, is a true testament of her mission to foster connections, collaboration, exposure and business growth. Sherri is also published periodically in several magazines as a social media specialist and teaches her craft through private coaching. 2014 was the launch pad for iShare Agency featuring renowned experts in business.


Sherri Henley Intelligence specializes in Social Media Intelligence by conducting private, group, and corporate training as to the “how” and “why” of social media. Sherri Henley Intelligence breaks down the topic into bite-sized pieces and offers Do It Yourself training (DIY). From beginner to advanced training, overviews to in-depth insights, Sherri Henley Intelligence benefits every level of knowledge. Sherri’s self-taught intellect-turned-sought-after professional knowledge on global online interaction catapults you into today’s world of local and international reach.

Keynote Topics

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Come Into Your OWN

Digital Citizen 101

L.I.K.E: Leaders in Keeping Excellence

The Power of Collaboration in Business

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JD Gershbein

Business Over Coffee: is there really any other way? While in Memphis, I had the pleasure of guesting on Sherri Henley’s lively talk radio program, and was immediately impressed by her authenticity, sincerity, and endearing personality. On the air, she shows respect for her audience by preparing well, knowing the range of topics to discuss, and facilitating an orderly exchange of valuable ideas. This commitment to excellence follows Sherri off the air and into every aspect of her leadership and mentoring platform. I am pleased to offer my recommendation for Sherri Henley, a community builder who goes beyond the microphone to make a lasting impact on people’s lives

Vijay Kalaga

Sherri Henley is a dynamic leader with abundant enthusiasm and a great passion. With BOCI, Sherri created a wonderful platform to help small business development through social media, educational exchange and networking events. As a Diversity Council member of SunTrust, I have worked with Sherri and helped put together a financial educational luncheon, which was a great success, hence starting our partnership. Sherri’s drive to build a better business environment in the Memphis area is definitely commendable.

Germaine Moody

Sherri Henley is not only a keen businesswoman, she is an encourager and builder in the lives of so many business professionals around the world. She’s what I call a “fire starter”. She soars with tremendous energy, ideas and vision, always ready to empower, support and uplift. She’s a friend, a gifted writer and author, speaker, and a conduit for success and greatness.

Sherri Henley Makes Germaine Moody's List of 50 Favorite People
Bob Burg

As a guest on Sherri’s show, I had the honor to experience first-hand how very knowledgeable, kind, prepared and professional she is. I recommend her highly!